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Vendor Device Name Model Number Approved Version
Aireld TechnologiesAirELDAndroid & PT30Version 1+
  • Data Transfer and Reporting Procedures

    > Telematic (Web Service, Email)
  • Malfunctions and Testing

    AirELD uses an electronic data transfer method to deliver driver logs. The driver has an option to send the logs to FMCSA via email or web services from the application. Below are the step by step instructions: 1. Navigate to the Inspections Sections from the Navigation bar at bottom of the AirELD Mobile application. Here driver has the option to print view and send logs to FMCSA. 2. To send to FMCSA, Click on "DOT Inspection". 3. A new screen appears and the driver is presented with 2 options: i. Email logs to FMCSA ii. Send via Webservice. The driver can add the routing code in the Comment field and hit the "SEND" button.
  • Certification Statement

    AirELD Logbook checks for following malfunctions: 1. Power Compliance Malfunction – This is the responsibility of the Motor Carrier and Driver to ensure that the Tablet with the Logbook Application has sufficient power to be used. 2. Engine Synchronization Compliance Malfunction – The app periodically checks that it has connectivity to the vehicle ECM. If connectivity is lost for more than 30 minutes in a 24 hour period, malfunction is detected and appropriate event is recorded and presented to driver for correction. 3. Timing Compliance Malfunction – App checks the local time of device with AirELD server time and if there is a discrepancy of more than 5 minutes. 4. Positioning Compliance Malfunction – The GPS signal has been lost and the mobile device has not been able to retrieve a valid location for more than 60 minutes in a 24 hour period. 5. Data Recording Compliance Malfunction – The mobile device is unable to properly record the required data due to not enough storage space on the device. The mobile device can no longer record new events and events that have not been uploaded might be lost. 6. Data Transfer Compliance Malfunction – The automatic data transfer check (that is performed once every 24 hours) has failed. Malfunctions once detected are recorded and presented to driver for verification and driver has option to clear malfunctions.
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