User manual for "SPEEDLINE ELD"

Below you will find the vendor provided user manual for the ELD product "SPEEDLINE ELD".

For contact information and additional devices produced by the same vendor see their page Speedline ELD LLC.

Quick Guide

ELD System Setup
Download and install the ELD App
1. Open the app distribution platform on your mobile device.
2. Search for the ELD app.
3. Download and install it on your mobile device.

Log in
1. Your fleet manager must create your user credentials and provide
them to you.
2. Open the app and enter your username and password.

Connect the App to the ELD Hardware
1. Make sure Bluetooth on your mobile device is on.
2. Select your vehicle from the available list.
3. Confirm that the Bluetooth connection has been established.

Logging Your Duty Status
Access the Main Screen
Once you've successfully logged in to the ELD app, you will land on the
main screen. This screen provides an overview of your current duty status
and other vital information.

Update Your Status
To change your duty status, locate and tap on the Status Circle. A list of
available statuses, including Off Duty, Driving, On Duty, Sleeper will
appear. Yard Moves, and Personal Use will be available if pre-configured
by your fleet manager. Choose the appropriate status by tapping on it.

Managing HOS Records
Access Your Logs
Navigate to the Logs section within the ELD app to gain access to your
electronic HOS records. This feature allows you to review your duty status
changes over different dates, providing a comprehensive overview of your
driving activities.

Detailed Information
To see detailed HOS records, simply tap on a specific date. This action will
open up a detailed view of each duty status you've recorded. You'll find
essential information such as the exact time, duration, and specific
locations, etc.

Edit with Caution
The ELD app allows edits to be made in accordance to FMCSA guidelines.
It is important to note that automatically recorded driving time cannot be
changed under any circumstance. However, you can still make
adjustments to other duty status entries. To edit, tap on the pencil icon
beside the respective entry. If you need to insert a past duty status that
you inadvertently missed, use the "+" sign to add it.

Driver Vehicle Inspection
Reports (DVIRs)
Easily initiate the process of creating pre- or post-trip inspection reports by
tapping the "+" sign. This intuitive action ensures that you
comprehensively document the condition of your vehicle before and after
each journey, enhancing safety and compliance.
Take a proactive step in vehicle maintenance by promptly notifying your
mechanic of any identified defects or issues from the inspection. This
helps to keep your vehicle in optimal working condition, contributing to
efficient operations and reduced downtime.

DOT Inspection Mode
Access the DOT Inspection mode via the main menu
Facilitate seamless roadside inspections by providing your device to
officers. They can easily navigate through your logs, ensuring a
hassle-free inspection process.
When prompted by the officer, tap the "Send Logs" option within the DOT
Inspection mode. The app will prompt you to select the preferred method
of transmission, such as email or web services.

Offline Mode
Experience uninterrupted performance even when your device encounters
a loss of cellular signal. The app seamlessly transitions to an offline mode,
ensuring your logging process remains unaffected.

When connectivity is restored, rest assured that all logs recorded during
the offline period will be automatically synchronized with the app. This
intelligent feature guarantees that your data is always up-to-date and
accurately reflects your duty status.

Additionally, you have the option to manually prompt synchronization with
the server by tapping the "Sync" icon in the app's action bar.

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