User manual for "PREMIERRIDE LOGS"

Below you will find the vendor provided user manual for the ELD product "PREMIERRIDE LOGS".

For contact information and additional devices produced by the same vendor see their page PREMIERRIDE LOGS LLC.



Setting Up Your ELD Hardware
Let's start by checking the contents of the package to ensure
everything is there.
Locate the diagnostic port in your vehicle's cabin. It can typically be
found on or under the dash, usually to the right of the steering column
or on the floor next to the driver's seat.
Now, connect the cord from the ELD hardware to the diagnostic port.
To keep the ELD device securely in place, use tape to attach it to the
top of the dash. If it's plugged into a floor outlet, tape it to the sidewall
of the cabin.
Last, download the ELD app and sync it to the device.

HOS Logs
When you need to make changes to your HOS logs, it's a breeze:
Open the app and navigate to the Logs section.
Find the specific log entry you want to edit.
Please note that you cannot modify your driving time or delete
previous HOS statuses. However, you can make edits to other fields
as needed.
While making edits, exercise caution to ensure compliance with HOS
regulations. The system will provide warnings to assist you, but it
won't prevent you from saving potentially violative edits.
If you edit a certified log, keep in mind that it will need to be

Roadside Inspections and RODS
Pulled over for a roadside inspection? Follow these steps:
Access DOT Inspection mode directly from the Main Menu.
Tap the Start Inspection button to display your Records of Duty Status
(RODS) to the inspecting officer. You can use the arrows on the sides of
the Date field to navigate through your logs easily.
If the officer requests it, you have the option to send your RODS by
tapping the Send button. Simply choose between web services or
email and provide the necessary information as prompted.
Once the inspection is complete, tap the Back button to seamlessly
return to your regular logs.

HOS Compliance Alerts
Stay on top of HOS compliance with our helpful alerts:
While on the main logs screen, keep an eye out for the red
exclamation icon. This icon indicates the presence of a HOS violation
or a Form/Certification warning in your log.
Scroll down below the log graph to find a list of HOS Violations. Tapping
on a violation will provide you with more details about it.
These violations cover various areas, including Cycle Violations, Shift
Violations, Driving Violations, and Break Violations.

Reviewing Your HOS Rules
To review your HOS rules, follow these simple steps:
Go to the Main Menu and locate the Rules section.
Check out the rules on your profile, which will display the rule set you're
currently using. This includes information about your cycle, cargo type,
and other details like authorization for personal conveyance and yard
If you have any questions or need further clarification about your
HOS settings, don't hesitate to reach out to your fleet manager for

Co-Drivers and Single Driver Configuration
For co-drivers operating as a team, it's important that both drivers
use the same app and device.
If you're a single driver using multiple devices, ensure that the data is
transferred correctly to the server before switching to another device.
By following these guidelines, you can maximize the efficiency and
effectiveness of your ELD system while staying compliant with
Safe travels and happy trucking!

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